No Signs of Voice-Based Search or Gmail SMS Apps

It has been two weeks since Google pulled up its SMS service for GMail, right before it was being shipped off to the GLabs with a vow to launch it in two weeks. As of tonight, there are still no signs of it yet. And now, the voice based search app for the iPhone which was said to be making its debut on Friday on the Apple’s App store is also a no-show.  Has this something to do with the Apple’s approval process or is this coming from the Google itself.

Analysts speculate that the teaser that was released on New York Times and video that shows the live demonstration of the voice based search by Gummi Hafsteinsson, the mobile applications product manager at Google was just to hurry Apple to approve the app ASAP and put it into the App Store.

Whatever the case might, be everyone is still scratching their head as to why Google is jumping ship when it has its own G1.  The answer is simple iPhone is the best selling smart phone in the world and it would get a great impulse to its ad revenue if it had its latest money driver on it. And the voice based search would simply add to its ad revenues.

As for now, no particular time frame is set and the app might appear anytime. Or will it?

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