Phoload Announces Android Support

Phoload, a site dedicated to showcasing free-to-download mobile games and apps that have been uploaded directly to the site by mobile software developers has announced support for Android today. They are a new community website based on the idea that it should be simple, easy, and fun to discover and download free mobile phone games and applications. Users of the website can rate, review and recommend the software they download.

The Phoload website can be filtered to show only the Android software at and the main Phoload site will automatically be filtered if you browse it using the T-Mobile G1 phone. Nifty!  We wish the guys luck as they have their work cut out for them.  Although it’s a blessing for Android users to be able to go to many places to get apps, it could also cause a little confusion.  If a developer plays favorites, it might be tough to remember who is selling what or hosting which apps.

So far, we see a handful of apps listed including TooDo, twitli, and Mobeegal.

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