HTC Shifts to fast gears with its MAX 4G

HTC has announced the world’s first ever 4G mobile device. HTC

  • Todd

    Why is a Windows Mobile device being featured on a blog dedicated to Android?

  • John

    Give it a physical keyboard (ideally, the HTC Touch Pro one, not the AT&T version, but the version with a number row, modified for Android instead of WinMo), put Android on it, expand it to quad-band GSM, and give it AT&T 3G for the HSPA (though, ideally I’d prefer both AT&T and T-Mo, with dual SIM cards)… and I’d buy it.

  • Todd

    “…and give it AT&T 3G for the HSPA…”

    AT&T are on record that they will never, EVER offer an Android handset:

    I am on AT&T, by the way, so I had the same impulses and wants, but have since moved on. An Android handset/device that runs data and VoIP call over WiMax is a much more realistic expectation.

  • WM on Android blog?