October 21, 2014

Sciphone's G2 Stinks Something Aweful

We held off covering this handset this week as it just doesn’t seem worth it. There’s a handful of sites reporting that this device is the “next Android handset” like it’s lining up on the docks, ready to ship out. The truth is, if this thing is even legit, it’s not like we’re going to see them here in the United States.

Everyone knows about judging books by their covers but the website for the phone is ridiculous.  We can’t even tell what the official name is. Is it the Sciphone, G2, or Anddream? It looks like it was pieced together using all of the rumored names and specs from phones over the last year.

Looking through the actual specs, we see some serious problems. For starters, there is no keyboard. Since there is no viable onscreen keyboard that we’ve encountered, this device is lacking input capability. Sure, there could be something that Sciphone has created for touchscreen, but we’re doubting it. There’s just something telling us that whoever these guys are, they don’t have a true grasp of Android. What, pray tell is Android Home Edition?

We’d file this thing in the same category as the ZZZ Phone. Junk not worth talking about. We’d love to be wrong, but we don’t think we are. Don’t expect us to talk about this one anymore.