Motorola Widget Contest Could Have Android Implications

Earlier this week, Motorola unveiled their new VE66 handset which will be the first MOTO offering to allow widget integration.  This opens the door to RSS feeds, stock tickers, sports scores, and more.  The 5-megapixel camera phone will also have a fully integrated music player, stereo bluetooth, WiFi connectivity. (EDIT)

To kick off this device right, Motorola also announced their Widget Developer Challenge.  Winners can earn up to $25,000 from categories including sports, finance, weather, and shopping.  The challenge is open to all registered MOTODEV developers and submissions will be taken up through February 27th of next year.  The three main categories judged will be: Best Widget, Best Local Content, and Best Use of APIs.

Typically, widgets operate the same, regardless of the operating system, so these entries should work on future Motorola phones based on Android, including the rumored “social networking” phone. Written in web standards like xhtml and css widgets can place frequently updated information directly onto a phone’s background, adding new content and features without firmware updates.

If there’s one thing I’d like to see more of, it’s widgets running on my Android home screen.  I can’t wait to use the far right screen for live NFL info, stock tickers, movie showtimes, and more.  I’m keeping it clear specifically for that reason.

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