PhoneFusion Listens, Makes UI Changes


A short time ago, we were contacted by Michael Manna of PhoneFusion.  He was writing to let us know that his developers have come up with some changes to the user interface of their voicemail application.  If you missed it, we had an article online last week about the app and Scott mentioned how he didn’t care too much for the UI.  The team went to work right away and made a welcome tweak to the overall feel of the app.

It’s nice to see companies paying attention like this.  When you are creating a program that you hope to see gain mass adoption, there’s nothing quite as important as what people really think.  Reading comments and listening to the street is vital, especially when you’re trying to be among the first to market with your app.

Take a look at the video below and see what the new(er) version of PhoneFusion looks like. Great job guys.  We can’t wait to try this one out!


  1. Its looks better… I think the windows mobile version UI looks better but I will be more than happy with this on my G1.

  2. FVM Plus for Android is live and available for download. Go to the Market on your G1 and download the app, please. Also, we haver received some feedback about the app and SMS. Here is an excerpt from our FAQ:

    Q. Can I stop the text messages that are sent to my G1 when I get a new message? The message looks like this: PFVM00000900000000000000. And why are they all in a single thread instead of individual messages?

    A. Unfortunately there is a design limitation in the G1 OS and there is nothing we can do to stop these text messages in their current format, as this is a Google restriction within the OS.

    Q. How do I register my Fusion Voicemail Plus application on my G1?

    A. In order for the application to work correctly you must install the application using the Android Market option within your device. At that point you will be brought to a web page to register your account.

  3. Some people have asked us, in their feedback, if they can record their own voicemail greeting. Yes, you can, and here’s how:

    Please dial 813-200-0200 from your device and our system will ask you for your password. You can then follow the prompts for recording your greeting.

    If you are prompted to enter your subscriber ID, please enter your 1011******** Account number.

    You can use ANY phone with our service – just forward it to 813-200-0200 and then add it as a voicemail source

    Please continue to send feedback at [email protected]. Thanks!

  4. Hey everyone. We have launched our official blog, We are, currently, in a state of rebranding, so the site is bare bones. However, we figured it was important to get timely information to the community rather than wait for the pretty design to get finished. Please visit if you have a chance. Thanks.

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