March 30, 2015

Android World Tour Continues - Next Stop, Philippines

Android is only available on one handset right now, but the interest in the operating system continues to grow.  As a result of many inquiries, HTC Philippines country manager Mark Sergio said they are currently getting ready to ship the Android-based G1 handset.

According to GMANews.TV, the Philippines have a predominately pre-paid user base, although there are people who want smartphones.  One of the cool things about Android is that the OS is “smart” by nature.  Down the road, people will have Android on handsets that carry low-end price tags.

Sergio said the company is still considering various ways to market the Android phones once they are formally unveiled locally, including the possibility of copying the single-operator model of Deutsche Telekom.

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  1. Lamka

    Да уж. Иногда такое бывает, что хоть стой хоть падай.

  2. cjb

    lets just hope that smart will price the phone according to global prices…

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