From Out of Nowhere Sprint’s CDMA Head Says “Peace Out”

John Garcia, Sprint’s CDMA leader has decided to leave the company.  In his absence, Bill Morgan, SVP of brand management will report to Dan Hesse.

The CDMA portion of Sprint accounts for 70% of their business.  Garcia has been a part of their company for quite some time, joining them back in 1995.  A lot of people didn’t know this, but Sprint actually operated on GSM at that point.

Garcia also helped pave the way for their MVNO strategies.  For those unfamiliar, MVNO stands for mobile vitural network operator.  Although you might not know what they are, you may know who they are.  Think Virgin Mobile, Amp’d and Jitterbug and you’ll get a feel for it.

No official word has been given as to the reasons surrounding the abrupt departure, but rest assured we’ll pass it along.

Source: mocoNews

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