Video Proof of the Multi-Touch on G1

Last week we ran an article on the fact that somewhere within the G1 and Android was the capability of multi-touch.  The hidden feature was outed by RyeBry after digging through some code.  This weekend, he’s updated his site with a proof of concept video that shows two finger touch being recongized on the G1.  Behold!

Whether or not this becomes a full feature on the G1 remains to be seen.  This is just the starting point and by no means, anything resembling a finished product or step by step hack.  What it does show is the possibilities within the G1, more specifically, Android.  Perhaps the next model(s) to come out running the platform will have the multi-touch enabled right out of the box.

  • Jerry

    I really dont see the big deal about multi touch… i hate zooming on the Iphone.. alwys press links i dont want to press…

  • Kevin

    Cool, but ultimately useless. As I understand (and please correct me if I’m wrong), Apple holds a patent for the use of multi-touch on phones. And I doubt they plan to let this be used on non-Apple products. So any serious attempts to get multi-touch working on Android phones will have to deal with Apple’s legendary legal department.

  • vishna

    well… software patents apply for US, not EU 🙂

  • enjoijams

    To Jerry:

    The multi-touch may not be necessary for zooming, but it is definitely necessary for onscreen gaming controls.
    I hope people develop the console emulators with multi touch integrated.

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