Google Really Wants “Android” Trademark

Not content to simply walk away, Google is going back for more.  Back in August, Google was issued a refusal from the US Patent and Trade Office for trademarking “Android”.  Late last week, they filed an ex parte appeal, hoping to reverse the decision.

It’s one thing to trademark the font or Android logo, but something tells us that they aren’t able to trademark the word.  Android is a term that has been around a lot longer than the operating system.  We’re scratching our heads at this one.  On a related note, that little green guy that’s been popping up everywhere… he’s free to use in whatever fashion you want.  He’s been released under Creative Commons 3.0, which means you can do what you will to him.  Throw him on a bumper sticker, t-shirt, or coffee mug.

Thanks to everythingGphone for the heads up!

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