LG Headed to T-Mobile?

Might fellow Open Handset Alliance members LG and T-Mobile be getting cozy?  According to Cell Phone Signal, the LG 225T was shown as an option to choose from when selecting handsets.

Today, after paying my phone bill today i noticed something unusual on T-Mobile’s phone selection. I selected a Shadow as my phone because I’ve been using an iPhone for a while. But today, trying to select another phone i saw an LG option and only one shows up there. This is the LG 225T.

LG is one of the last major handset makers not being sold with T-Mobile service.  Could it happen?  You bet.  Don’t forget that Sony Ericsson has come back around after a few years of absence.

Personally, we’d like to see some higher end stuff running Android.  Of course we’re biased here, but Android would look mighty sexy on a device like the Dare and Rumor.

What about you guys?  What do you think of the potential pairing?

  • John Davis

    I work for tmobile so I instantly know what page your referring too, as i see it often, and i wanted to clarify. The LG225T as im sure you know if you looked it up is really old and still has a VGA camera. I can see the semi new release info for phones and i haven’t seen any LG stuff. Not to to say that some of these cellphone release info leak pages like tmonews.com don’t know better than I as they have crazy inside connections,but i don’t even see them talking about LG for tmobile. It would be nice as LG makes some sweet phones now like the viewty, only camera that i have seen taking 120fps video.

  • Blake

    Lg has always been my favorite brands of handsets, even when they weren’t focusing on the higher end handsets i always seemed to like lg, I loved the prada phone and the viewty, and have had both of them! I also work at tmobile, and one of my first questions when i began working there was “why do you not carry any lg phones?” and i got no real answer. it would be awesome to see lg come to t-mobile. and if Lg makes an android handset, i’d imagine it to be a very sexy, functional, piece of phone.

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  • Anonymous

    Lg maybe good but I guess in terms of its features and style HTC Touch Diamond is perfect for it.