Who is to Blame for Internet Troubles on G1?

After the recent update to RC30 earlier this month, many people have noticed problems accessing the internet.  I personally have had a run of issues trying to pull up anything web-based.  Thankfully, I spend enough time around WiFi that I haven’t pulled my hair out…yet.

One of the big selling points of Android and the G1 is that I have all of these tools and search options at my fingertips.  Well, unless I am at home or in one of the few places I work with a hotspot, I can’t show off the features.  Maps don’t work, but more importantly, apps like ShopSavvy and WikiTap are rendered useless.  I’m about as big of an Android evangelist as you’ll find so you can imagine my frustrations when I am unable to demo things other phones can’t do.

I know I’m not alone in this.  In fact, the official T-Mobile forums have 7 pages of discussion dedicated to it so far.  I can’t recall where I read it, but apparently T-Mobile is blaming Google for their updates to Android.  I have to say that sounds wrong to me.  Various people have reported that they only experience these issues when outside of T-Mobile areas.  This feels like a data roaming problem or provisioning issue to me.

Some customers have said that T-Mobile reps are asking them to do master resets of their devices while others are filing help tickets.  One person even said T-Mobile told him to exercise his 14 day return option.  Let’s assume for a moment that T-Mobile knows for sure that Google has caused the issue.  Why aren’t their reps being educated?  Why hasn’t another patch come out?  We all know how quickly those are churned out.

While $35 for unlimited data and text is a good price, it’s a waste of money if it’s not usable.  Dropping the data features and just adding unlimited messaging sounds reasonable now, yes? T-Mobile has a great track record of issuing credits and pro-rating things, so we can expect that.  But how much longer are some of us going to be contained to WiFi?

Anybody out there have more to add?

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