Android on iPhone is One, Giant Step Closer

Thanks to the guys over at, Android is moving ever so close to being run on the iPhone.  Yesterday saw them announcing that they’ve reverse engineered the iPhone and first generation iPods to run Linux.  The official announcement was the basis for a new Blogger site aptly called Linux on iPhone.

I’m pleased to announce that the Linux 2.6 kernel has been ported to Apple’s iPhone platform, with support for the first and second generation iPhones as well as the first generation iPod touch. This is a rough first draft of the port, and many drivers are still missing, but it’s enough that a real alternative operating system is running on the iPhone.

Here’s a video showing how it looks and works.

iPhone Linux Demonstration Video from planetbeing on Vimeo.

There’s still a long way to go until Linux, or Android, works fluidly on the iPhone.  A lot of vital elements are missing, including sound, touchscreen, and accelerometer support.  However, this has to please both iPhone and Android camps.

Stay tuned to AndroidGuys as we’ll be keeping you up to date on this, and other happening!

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