Colorware Lets You Choose Your G1 Identity

Good news for those G1 fans who have already tired of their black, copper, and white handsets.  Colorware has finally gone and colorized the first Android handset.

At first it might seem like they have some steep prices, we’ve seen some of their work and it’s worth it.  You can start out with a small color enhancement to your keyboard for as low as $15 or you can go for the $220 total makeover.

Still haven’t made the jump to T-Mobile to purchase a G1?  Purchase your handset from Colorware for $770 and get it without contract!  Okay, okay.  That one doesn’t make sense to us either.  Buy it for $400 from T-Mobile with no contract and have Colorware jazz it up for $220 and keep $80 in your pocket.

Here’s a quick price breakdown for you guys:

  • Main Display: $175
  • Keyboard: $15
  • Bottom: $15
  • Back: $15

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