G1 for $125? You Wish

You almost had to be ready for this one in advance if you wanted to take advantage of it.  American Express’ “My Wishlist” site was offering a T-Mobile G1 for $125 earlier today.  Was.  It seems the very limited supply of 200 has already reached its end.  Not to worry completely though.  Come back at 3PM and 7PM to try your luck again!  Oh, that’s Eastern Standard time zone, by the way.

The AMEX page offers some other great deals for people looking to score other great deals.   So what was it that caused the G1 to go so quickly earlier today?  Was it because it was a compelling device for a great price or can we assume a super limited supply led to the plug getting pulled that fast?  We think it’s a combination of all of the above mixed in with some Android coverage from around the internet.  Two hundred of anything is bound to sell out quick during the Christmas season.  Don’t forget to head back to the Wishlist page and get in a virtual line, full of pushy people who don’t know the meaning of holiday cheer.

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