Techfaith Wireless and QIGI Launch China’s First Android Handset

China’s TechFaith Wireless and QIGI, a Smartphone brand in China has announced today that the i6-Goal will be the first Android-powered phone in China. The handset runs with a 624MHz CPU and features a touch-screen, a business card scanner as well as GPS functionality.

We are proud to launch the first Android-powered mobile phone in China. The QIGI i6-Goal has amazing potential in China because it is not only for making phone calls; it also provides mobile Web access to China’s growing customer base. In addition, the launch of i6-Goal is a great example of the success of our strategic alliance with QIGI and its ability to quickly launch products onto the market.  – Defu Dong, Chairman/ CEO of TechFaith

The bar-style handset also provides a 2.8″, 65k color LCD touchscreen, a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, microSD card slot and Wi-Fi.  The biggest omission we see so far is the lack of 3G, even though that wasn’t much of a dealbreaker for a majority of us here in the United States.

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