Product Review: Arkon Weighted “Friction Style” Dash Mount & Holder

We were admittedly a little skeptical to try out a weighted dash mount for our G1.  The last thing we wanted was for our handset to go sliding off the dashboard as we took a sharp corner.  After playing with our Arkon holder for almost a full week now, our fears have been assuaged.

The holder is designed very well from top to bottom.  It was a pleasant surprise when we went to pick up the box and it was heavier than we had hoped it would be.  The bottom is very dense and the “beans” used were heavy enough to keep the holder in place.  We haven’t even had to use the optional loop hook, which can be adhered to the dash for a more secure grip.

The G1 fits in the holder like it was designed specifically for it.  There’s a nice foam padding that surrounds the phone everywhere it touches.  The quick release button quickly expands the sides to allow for grabbing the G1 when you’re ready to get out of the car.  The bottom allows for a charger to plug in so you can juice up that battery on the road.

The overall size of the holder surprised us as well.  It’s rather low profile and doesn’t obstruct our view of the road.  We tried it on the left side of the dash as well as the middle, neither giving us trouble.

With so many Android applications being designed around location, having your G1 in a handy place is a no-brainer.  Forget putting your phone in your lap, pockets, or cup holders.  The Arkon Weighted “Friction Style” Dash Mount & Holder puts your G1 front and center, never getting in the way.  We recommend this one to not only G1 owners, but people who have other handsets and GPS devices.  Order yours today!

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