AdWords Features Now Available for Android Specific Searches

Have you done a Google search on your G1 lately? Did you notice the first two results? They’re sponsored links, which means someone is putting up some money via AdWords, to get you to click on their page. This weeks sees the annoucement of new Android and iPhone AdWords options.  In addition to these two platforms, mobile devices using a full html browsers will be part of some

Available now, there’s a handful of options to choose from when designing your marketing campaign.  Advertisers have the ability to display ads exclusively on the G1 or iPhone, create campaigns for them, and even pull up performance reports.   Likewise, the option is available to only show your ads on desktops and laptops instead of those mobile devices.

Mobile search is going to continue to grow, especially if Google keeps putting specific search buttons on future handsets.  Further, mobile advertising is going to evolve and companies are going to drop some serious money in hopes of getting your attention, and business.

AdWords and AdSense have been huge players in the online advertising game and Google’s long term agenda is to offer both services to advertisers and publishers with as many options and features as possible.  Today’s news is just another step in that direction.

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