Flickr’s Mobile Video-Sharing Coming to Android Soon

As more number of Flickr users migrate to their mobile devices, Flickr is revamping its plans to launch a full-fledged mobile app that allows users to share videos right from their mobile devices. The site from which you can log in to your Flickr account,, is currently available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Plans for dropping Android and Nokia N series versions are in the pipeline as well as mobiles running the Firefox and Opera browsers.

More and more of our members are coming to Flickr on mobile devices, and this is a recognition of that change. – Shanon Delp, Flickr Product Manager

All you have to do is become a pro member for $25 and you should be up and running.  Look for more mobile news as we have it.

  • I noticed the change this morning when I tried the link I have bookmarked. A much nicer UI than the old one, that’s for sure! I post to flickr from my phone via e-mail, it’s nice to have a better way of checking activity and comments.

  • chris

    The mobile page is a nice upgrade for flickr, although long in the tooth in waiting. I still think google (picassa) does a better job of presenting thumbnails to mobile devices.

    BTW, what is the point of “video sharing” with android on flickr if android can’t currently capture video?

  • Andon

    Great find! I found I can watch flickr videos on my device! =]

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  • Yes, BucketUpload allows uploading your images/videos to your Flickr account. You can setup upload options such as Flickr tags, content type (photo, screenshot, other) and availability to family/friend/all.