Jealous of that Dev Phone 1? Make Your Own!

Does the developer G1 (Dev Phone 1) that’s being offered by Google get you all hot and bothered?  Are you one of those who really want to play around with a completely unrestricted Android handset, yet already own a G1 that’s got you pinned down for 2 years?  Well, rather than plucking $425 out of your wallet to get another one from Google, why don’t you take your G1 and make your own developer friendly handset?

The rumor goes like this; Some guy needed to replace his G1 through T-Mobile under the warranty program and was accidentally provided a developer version.  Fortunately enough for the dev community, this guy was smart enough to extract the bootloader, giving root access to the handset.

Don’t forget kiddies – playing around with your G1 at this level opens up the door to some crazy potential, but the risk of bricking is always lurking in the shadows!  Be careful.  If you don’t even know what you’d do with a Dev Phone 1 if you had it, then walk away from this like you didn’t know it even existed.

Source: ModMyGphone

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