Google’s Rich Miner to Give Sprint Keynote – Android Handset to Follow?

December 10th marks the start of this year’s Application Developer Conference for Sprint, which has been held annually since 2001. One of this year’s keynote addresses will be given by CEO Dan Hesse.  Another keynote will be given by Google’s Rich Miner.

For those of you not in the know, Miner is Google’s VP of mobile tech.  He’s a big player in the Android game.  So we wonder just what he wants to talk about.  When we last left off, Android wasn’t quite ready to carry the Sprint name.  What’s changed for the founding Open Handset Alliance carrier?  Probably nothing.

Our guess is that Sprint, and other members of the OHA were not allowed to do anything to take away from T-Mobile’s G1 handset.  Big Pink probably has some exclusive deal where they would be the only carrier to offer Android handsets here in the states for say, six months or so.

Sprint currently offers handsets from OHA handset makers LG, Motorola, Samsung, and HTC.  In addition to that, they are also going into the conference on the heels of their recent Clearwire deal, which Google is helping to back financially.  Perhaps he’ll talk about long term vision of the Clear network and maybe give some insight into some devices coming.

Our fingers are crossed for Samsung or LG to pull out a really classy looking all-touch Android handset.  We’re not holding our breath though.

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