Raketu adds VoIP to Android

Good news to all of you G1 users as Raketu has introduced their Raketu Mobile for Android.  This app enables users to connect to the Raketu mobile services to make phone calls, send text messages, email, and send and receive IMs. In a nutshell, it includes the entire social networking suite with its Raketu Mobile for Android. Users can avail all these services with their G1 using their roaming data services or Wi-Fi. Raketu can be used to make a total of 7 different types of calls.

If you want to know more about their services here is a detailed review of their site. What is fantastic about the app is that allows us to do literally everything at cheap rates and that too without downloading anything. It can be accessed from any mobile, desktop, laptop, web, widgets, SMS-Texting, roaming data, dialup, WiFi or broadband… all using a single account.

Greg Parker, the CEO of Raketu was quoted as saying, “Raketu’s release for Google’s G1 mobile will allow users the ability to access free or lowest cost communications services from anywhere in the world. Adding support for the new Google G1 mobile continues Raketu’s focus of providing free or lowest cost communications and entertainment services to all mobile devices.”

Raketu Mobile is available for G1 and you can start raking out by signing up at http://raketu.com/android.

  • Is this really an Android app?, their site says “Raketu’s new Android Application is entirely web-based and does not require any download.” at http://www.raketu.com/en/mobileAndroid.php

    It’ll be interesting to see if websites designed for the G1s resolution are considered apps or whether they’re just custom formatted web sites.

  • hmm..
    thanks for sharing..