Sony Ericsson Bringing High End Android Handset out by Summer ’09

One of the bigger names to join the Open Handset Alliance this week was Sony Ericsson. They are one of the last of the major handset makers, save for Nokia, to get on board with Android.  As they enjoy a growing market share, SE has really stepped their game up of late.

The handset that has everyone talking up Sony Ericsson is their Xperia 1 and for all the right reasons.  It’s a sleek device with a perfect blend of form factor.  Packed with a 3.2MP camera, a 800 x 480 touchscreen, and an optical joystick/4-way key, it had us Android fans hatin’ on Windows Mobile.  We’d hoped and speculated that an Android version would come and now it seems more likely than ever that the two might come together.

Sony Ericsson spokesman Garfield Brusewith says they expect initially to focus on products in the higher segment, but later on we will also supplement with products for the broad mass market”. According to we can expect to see their first Android handset by summer of 2009.  In the big scheme of things, that’s not that far off.

Perhaps an Xperia 2 might be in order.  Whatever the case may be, we hope it continues along the path that Sony Ericsson currently seems to be on.

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