Hey HTC, This is a Sexy Android Phone


Getting things right out of the way… This is not an Android phone coming to the US anytime soon.

Still there?  Alright, so here’s what you are looking at.  Lenovo and China Mobile are coming together for this “OPhone” which is based off of the Android platform.

Given these (iPhone, Android, Symbian) developments, it is becoming very clear that developing a proprietary handset operating system is essential for dominance of the mobile Internet market in China. At the moment, China Mobile is in a comparatively weak position without its own operating system. With its own operating system, China Mobile will be able to commission customized phones from handset makers and keep its hand strong in negotiations over profit sharing. There is even the possibility that China Mobile may move into manufacturing handsets itself. – A “well placed source”

Unfortunately TD SCDMA is a standard that we don’t have here in the United States.  Any Lenovo handsets that we’ll get will have to come with different insides.  On the outside however, we have to say we really like this design.  It’s what we had in mind when HTC said they’d have the first Android handset.


  1. “On the outside however, we have to say we really like this design. It’s what we had in mind when HTC said they’d have the first Android handset.”

    “we had in mind”? really? how many of you had the same design in mind for you to say ‘we’? WE know you are just one guy… When are you gonna drop referring to yourself as ‘we’? makes you sound like a douche!

  2. Looks nice…

    But to be honest I’d take the G1 over it. I need a keyboard…

    Also, since it’s Chinese, I wouldn’t trust it to be that powerful on the inside (screen resolution, capacitance, camera…etc)

    Either way, HTC should have hired that “One” company to design the G1…

  3. Hey smartass, i subscribe to their feed and I see at least five names in the last 2 months. Besides that, maybe the author meant the collective “we” as in the Android fans.

  4. It’s true that the majority of us want an unlocked iPhone with an open-source operating system. It doesn’t hurt that Lenovo is probably the best hardware manufacturer on the planet. Unfortunately, this one is a China only – without a chance of it landing stateside. Damn.

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