Kogan’s Agora Gets Last Minute Makeover

With just over a month left before the Agora is set to launch, Kogan has taken to making some cosmetic/hardware changes to the phone.  As pointed out by the Engadget guys, there appears to be a little bit of photoshoppery on the Kogan website when you pull up the handset now.  Let’s play a game of spot the differences!

  • The phone appears to be slightly wider.
  • The screen does not appear to be as tall.
  • The home and back buttons scream Blackjack now, instead of just whispering.
  • The directional pad is smaller.
  • Gone are the shortcut keys.
  • The keypad changes a bit, ‘0’ also moves to more natural spot in bottom row.

Of course, this doesn’t mean anything is final, and perhaps the hardware is still being tweaked today.  Either way, the phone looks similar in form to what we saw two weeks ago. We’re looking forward to the 29th of January for the release. The price seems right and the design could be fun, too.

What do you guys think of this handset?  Anyone out there plan on getting it?  Have you already preordered yours.  Talk back in the comments.

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