Jeffrey Sharkey Drops a Pair of Apps Before Scootin’ off to Google

Chances are that by the time you read this article, Jeffrey Sharkey is fast at work doing something cool at his new job, working for Google.  That’s right, the guy behind CompareEverywhere and a handful of other apps has taken a position within the Googleplex.

Before moving on up, Jeffrey decided to unleash another pair of applications to Android users. Both apps are excellent in their own rights and decidely helpful too.

The first, Oilcan, is described by Sharkey as “Greasemonkey on steroids for Android.”  It allows one to take a website and make changes to it with Javascript to fit personal needs.

Using intents to call other Android apps really powerful, and opens the door to all sorts of web-based apps. For example, you can make a JavaScript call to scan a barcode, pick a contact, or launch into Maps or other Android apps. You really have to peek at this video to get an idea of what it does:

There is an OilCan site with more details about the Userscript format and security model. Check out the source dump for OilCan, or grab a ready-to-run OilCan APK.

Greasemonkey scripts are known for customizing websites to your personal tastes, and this can really help when working on a small screen. One of the scripts in the video above trims away extra columns and margins on Wikipedia pages, giving it more screen real estate.

The second application he released is called GroupHome and it organizes your installed Android applications in a very straightforward manner.  Want to pull up your multimedia apps and see how many music players you’ve got loaded on your phone?  This is the app to use.

Hold down (longpress) on an app and you’ll get the details for that program as well as a 1-click shorcut to uninstall.  This is extremely helpful for those apps that aren’t named all that swell when you look in the application manager.  If you’ve run into this, and you know what we’re talking about, you’ll be happy when you use GroupHome.

Congratulations to Jeffrey on all of your accomplishments so far.  We can only imagine the stuff you help create with the folks at Google.  We’re looking for ward to seeing the next big thing(s) from you!

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