Android Gets Optimized Search Results

Hey G1 owners… here’s something for you to try.  Get out your handset and do a search for “coffee 90210” or whatever your zip code happens to be.  Check out that results page!  Slick isn’t it?

The Google Mobile blog updated today with news of an optimized search results page for Android handsets.  We tried it out a few times and are really happy with the way it works.  It’s clean and full of information, yet stays uncluttered.

Local results, like the one you get for that “coffee 90210” above yield some nice looking buttons with directions and phone numbers as well expandable maps.

There’s no more scrolling side to side or zooming to worry about.  Of course, the option always exists to go back to the classic Google search page, if that’s your cup o’ tea.

The iPhone and iPod Touch also got the update today, providing they are running firmware 2.x on them.

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