NanoPhone Security to Aid in Development of Android

The year 2009 will see Android pairing up with Mocanas‘ NanoPhone suite to address the increasing security related threats to the OS with the increasing complexity in the apps being developed. The Mocanas’ NanoPhone suite has a litany of apps that play a major role in the development of the new version of the Android OS.

The apps include NanoBoot, NanoCert, NanoDefender and NanoDTLS to name a few. Using these reduces the developers woes, as it reduces the use of the crpto expert by clearly vindicating them the respective changes.

The Android will have to answer to the manufacturers’ security requests and create a secure browser, an FIPS validated crypto, malware and virus protection plus scalable and secure firmware updating and secure boot capabilities. The really hard part is related to the collective security of the Virtual Private Network and, finally, to the robust certificate handling features that need to authenticate devices, network services, and individuals to each other. — Softpedia

With the growing complexity in the apps being developed, many requirements such as the battery life have also to be addressed. The software under development is also said to deliver on the performance as well as the battery requirements front.

Guess, 2009 will see the most sophisticated ever mobile OS in our hand sets. With all these developments, Android opens up its flood gates for the development of more complicated and geek-centric apps that could widen the gap between a smartphone and an Android powered phone. Will this happen? 2009 has all the answers!

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