T-Mobile 86’s the $18 Upgrade Fee

So long upgrade fee, we hardly knew ya.  In an effort to help retain customers, T-Mobile is dropping the $18 upgrade fee that they tacked onto people every time they wanted a new handset.  If you ask us, this couldn’t come soon enough.  In fact, they should have done this around Black Friday.  There’s a lot of missed opportunity in letting a few weeks slip by.

T-Mobile, and every other carrier, could do much better trying to get the $18 out of people.  Call this the cost of good PR.  We’re pretty sure you are getting plenty from your subscribers by ways of exorbitant text message rates anyways.

Effective yesterday, customers will no longer have to worry about the insult of $18 being added to the injury of a 2 year contract extension.

Source: InformationWeek

  • So can I have my $18.00 back then, i’ll be waiting for my check in the mail.

  • Jose

    Just call – I did and they waived my fees for three upgrades I got on the 12th. Very classy of T-Mobile in my opinion.

  • hmm, thats really interest..
    thanks for sharing..