Samsung to Have Android Handset by Q2 ’09 for Sprint and T-Mobile

File under: Yippee!

We’ve been waiting a long time for Samsung to announce the release of their first Android handsets and today we got it.

On December 18, industry insiders said that Samsung Electronics is currently in the development process of its new Google phone to release out in the second quarter of the next year via Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA in North America.

This is great news all around.  Google starts seeing more viable companies releasing their OS with multiple carriers.  T-Mobile gets another handset to complement the G1 and Sprint Nextel gets a shot of adrenaline with their first Android device.  As for the consumers, they get CDMA and GSM options now.

The team of developers who have been working on the handsets for over a year now has been bumped from 80 to 110 members.  That’s a fraction of the 350+ team that Motorola is assembling for their social networking phone.

If this looks anything like the Instinct or Omnia, consider us 100% behind it.  Like we wouldn’t be otherwise…

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  • I’m hearing conflicting storys about this and I’m almost sure it’s not happining.

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