December 18, 2014

A Few More FreeRunner Pictures - AKA Slow News Cycle

The race is on to see who drops the next Android handset. Will it be the Kogan Agora? How about the oPhone? Or is OpenMoko’s FreeRunner going to sneak in as the dark horse?

The guys over at iMAndroid have been able to get their hands on a couple more photos of the device running everyone’s favorite OS. The leaked photos seem to indicate a launch nearing ever so close.  WARNING: The photos are incredibly blurry!

Here’s one picture.  To see the rest, go check out iMAndroid.

  • Al Sutton

    The beta has been out since the 19th of Dec. If you have a freerunner you can get it from

  • Artem85

    Find more photo about this is new device.
    Maybe its cool phone, but G1 better. Open Moko like a childer phone :)

  • Artem85

    “These pictures have been taking from and I dont see a link back or recognition of or to article.
    I request you to please do so.”

    ok :) thanks


    Dude, they credit the site twice in the article. FAIL.

  • syabac

    oke… thanks for sharing..