HTC Missing From Sony’s List of X2 Device Makers

HTC looks like they’ll not be manufacturing Sony Ericssons’ Xperia X2, the much touted successor of the Xperia X1.  Sony was reported to be having few quality issues with the device.

According to the sources, Sony is rumored to be preferring smaller brands over the bigger brands for its X2 which puts HTC and the other major players out of the equation. Sony is said to have approached FIH (Fixconn International Holdings) and Pegatron, a subsidiary manufacturing unit of Asus, which is a competitor of HTC back home.

The real reason behind HTC being shunned is still not clear. So, can we expect Sony’s Android powered device to be manufactured by HTC. That is to be seen! The X2 is due to hit the market by the end of year 2009.

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  • TareX

    Maybe it was the HTC X1 manufacturing delays, that may have been intentional to boost Touch Pro sales?


    SE realized it wasn’t wise to bind its fate to a direct competitor.

  • Maybe they wanted to partner with the smaller players as a test. Who knows.

  • Hey guys how r u?