Confirmation of Replacement G1 Batteries Being Sent Out?

Last week, a handful of Android and mobile tech sites were buzzing with rumors of a replacement G1 battery being sent out by T-Mobile.  Our friend Michael, of GoogleAndBlog, seemed to be the one to break that story, getting lots of attention from around the net.

One of our readers sent in an email this evening regarding a conversation he had with a supervisor at T-Mobile:

Just wanted to let you guys know that i just got off the phone with a tmobile supervisor who confirmed that replacement batteries are being sent out and that there was an internal memo sent around that extra batteries are being sent out free of charge and there will be no need to send back your old one! He was unable however to confirm whether or not they would be of a higher capacity or not. He said he would think it would be the same one just that consumers would have two batts.

Has anyone else spoken to T-Mobile directly about this situation?  If so, what have you heard?  Having a second battery is nice and all, but it’s still a pain to charge up when you have to put it into the phone.  Here’s hoping it’s just a bigger battery.

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  • TMo PDA Tech

    I have read the memo in question. Basically battery replacements such as this are to be handled like any other warranty issue. That is, if you are getting the expected life out of your battery, that’s what you get. You have to go through the troubleshooting such as doing various power-saving things with your phone (turning off GPS, checking 3rd party apps that could be using extra juice, etc). Only after all that, if the battery is still not holding or taking a charge normally, a free replacement CAN be sent.

    Now what’s not clear on the memo – is just exactly how bad someone’s battery has to be before we can replace it. Faulty batteries can always be replaced on warranty, actually, but in this case…. it’s a little bit vague since they specifically sent us a memo saying we could replace these batteries. I’d err on the side of sending a battery out, myself, but not all techs may agree.

  • Nic

    I had the same thing happen to me the other day called cause my g1 is overheating lady sent a replacement and said to keep the one I had, did think it could potentially be the extended batteries here’s to hoping its true

  • justinhub2003

    I actually already got a spare battery from tmo about 5 weeks ago, I called and told em my battery life sucks and I already have all the unnessarry functions turned off, so they sent me a spare and then told me I could keep the old one. So for the past. 5 weeks I have been using 2 batteries and for me its a perfect solution or at least a better solution than adding bulk to already decent sized object, tho I generally don’t have to get into to the second battery anymore as I have gotten used to keeping certain features off when I’m not using them and I also have a. Chrager or usb at my gf house, my house and my work, so when I’m there its chargeing, I haven’t found it a problem to keep the spare battery filled, but I did just purchase a package from ebay that got shipped a few days ago, it included 2 batteries, a standalone battery charger, a usb, a screen protector and something else I forgot but it was 21 bucks.

    Since having this phone I have purchased a class 6 8gb sd card, a battery cover from the white g1 (I have black g1, and I thought the silver backing would look cool and it does) from htc, the battery package I disvussed above, a protective case (which I don’t us), a invisableshiel screen protector, a mini usb to 3.5mm adapter, a mini usd to 3.5mm adapter with a mircophone(which never worked right) , a. Sd card reader, sennhieser headphones, other stuff I can’t remember and. I have spent at least 2 hundred dollars on the amazon mp3 store. I have never done this much spending to inhance a phone and have put my faith in. Anfdroid, but I just hope timobile returns the favor and let’s this phone see its proper updates and stuff, be a shame for them to abandon something with so much potetntial.

  • Rajesh

    I just got off the phone with TMO and told them my battery life sucks (it really does!). Also told them I have already turned off 3G, Wifi and GPS etc. They are sending me replacement at no cost, I do not need to return my old battery.

    I had the similar problem with TMO Dash battery and they had done the same thing there. So nothing new.

  • Harv

    I contacted T-Mobile and they referred me to HTC. HTC siad they will send out a replacement battery, charge me for the new battery and when I send the old one back they will credit me the charges. They stated that the new battery was a longer lasting replacement.

  • chefgon

    I’ll wait to find out if it’s a higher capacity or not. I have absolutely no interest in carrying two batteries and swapping them. I just want a single battery that can last from when I wake up until I get home from work without a charge in the middle of the day.

  • gorkon

    Why the heck do I have to jump through hoops to get another battery? Can’t they actually say something official instead of keeping this under wraps like they are??

  • Casey Borders

    “Can’t they actually say something official instead of keeping this under wraps like they are??”

    To save money! If they came out and made a big announcement then everyone, even people who never had a complaint about the battery life, would want a new one and it would cost them a mint! If they fix it for the people who are having trouble then it’s not so bad.

  • caleb

    There’s another interesting addition to this… I was told the battery had to be within 3 months of purchase for T-mo to cover it, otherwise it falls under manufacturer warranty.

    This was actually really easy to do – the tech asked me what services I use and what I’ve done to try to find the cause of the battery life. I simply said I was rather savvy with the device. I said that during the day I only use 2g and wifi – that’s it… Depending on use I might make it to the end of the work day, but I have to do a secondary charge at some point during the day regardless. I’ve performed an Alt + W wipe to see if the battery life would be affected; there was a limited improvement but it still wouldn’t last the day.

    That was it… took 15 minutes and I have a new battery. Thanks T-Mo! I’m liking these guys better and better…

  • KL

    After reading all the different posts and rumors, I decided to check it out myself. T-Mobile is sending a FREE (Free Shipping as well, unless you rush it, which is $19.99 extra) replacement battery to everyone that asks. I called, explained my problem with the battery, everything I was doing to try and maintain my charge (which turned out to be everything the representative had on her checklist to have me do), and then she told me my battery might be defective, coughcough and she would send out a NEW battery and I did not have to return my old one. I asked if this is a “known issue” and she replied “Yes, it is we are well aware and are trying to do things to ease the pain of the short battery life”

    I then asked if the battery that was being shipped was the same that I already had, or was there a way I could get a discount and just get the more powerful battery and pay a little more. She replied, ” Yes, the exact same battery is being sent to you, it differs none from the one you have currently. Your battery just might be defective. If its not, then you will have 2 batteries, but there is no way I can discount a more powerful battery or give any promo price on a different battery”. Darn, but hey, free battery…ill take it.

    A couple other answers I got was that Cupcake or any other Over-the-air update soon includes flash player. (She mentioned something about they were waiting for the Community to develop Flash….if shes telling the truth…gulp…) But other than cupcake there is no other change for help of batttery life.

    I hope this info was helpful to those of you constantly Google Searching as I was.

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