First Look at Garmin Nuvifone UI

Garmin has released the first images of the long awaited Nuvifone user interface.  We don’t have to tell you guys, but it looks a lot like the iPhone and Android screens.  Look at how clean and clutter free everything looks, from call screens to camera mode and of course the GPS stuff.  We’re really looking forward to the true turn-by-turn navigation!

The interface looks an awful lot like a Garmin GPS unit that just happens to also have phone features.  We wonder if their Android-based phone will be similar in form or if it will look like a phone that has perfect GPS features?

Here’s a pair of videos to check out.  Although they are nearly a year old now, they’re probably new to a lot of you guys.  The first is called “Intro Video” and the second is “Scenario Video.”

Source: Electronista & MacBlogz

Thanks for the heads up Paul!

  • Hi,

    I asked Garmin Asus today what OS the G60 was using. The answer is “a proprietary one”…