G1 Now Works With DeviceAnywhere

Today brings a bit of good news for those writing apps for Android.  DeviceAnywhere now allows developers the capability of testing and monitoring applications for the G1 from anywhere in the world.  Using their online service, developers are now able to interact with a virtual G1 just like they would if they had a real one.

Options like interacting with the touchscreen, QWERTY keyboard, camera, and more are at developers disposal.  The G1 is just the latest in the ever growing line of handsets available through DeviceAnywhere.  In fact, according to them, they now have over 1,500 handsets to choose from.

We have always been supportive of the wireless industry’s move towards open source. We are pleased to offer our developer community a convenient and cost-effective way to develop content and applications for the Android G1 through our T-Mobile Virtual Developer Lab program. – Faraz Syed, CEO of DeviceAnywhere

DeviceAnywhere works by having real handsets connected to live cellular networks which are accessed over the Internet.  Developers are able to interact in real time to make sure that everything works in real life scenarios as opposed to just using an emulator and blind faith.

If you are interested in signing up, head over to DeviceAnywhere.com and grab your first three hours of service!

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    January 07, 02:19 Reply

    This is totally better than the freely available emulator that Google, authors of the Android OS, distribute!

    Oh wait…

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