RedFly’s Android Proof of Concept (VIDEO)

Celio’s out to prove they’re not a one-trick pony with an Android version of the Redfly mobile terminal. Not quite a netbook, not quite a cell phone, the Redfly links mobile devices via Bluetooth or USB and extends the mobile user experience by bridging the two.

After having already put a Windows Mobile terminal out for quite some time, Celio is going to be showing off their Android version at CES starting today.  If you are attending the show in Vegas, stop by their booth and check it out.  We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these.  Don’t get us wrong, the web experience is great on the G1, but an 800 x 480 resolution screen just ups it that much more.

As stated in the video below, RedFly’s thinking is that if you have to carry two devices (phone, netbook) with you, why not let one be responsible for all the services?  Forget having to get a data plan just for your netbook an save yourself the $40/month for something more practical… like coffee.

Android and the G1 have us more connected to things than Windows Mobile ever did.  With a  form factor of a device like this, we could see this sitting on our work desk, popping up emails and text messages while we respond with a larger keyboard and mouse.  This could be especially handy to users who ultimately get a touch-only Android device.  How nice would apps like Google Maps or the YouTube player look on this?

  • These Shits

    Yo these shits will get you right! Eat lemons all day.

  • MikeTeeVee

    I think it’s the same Redfly terminal. The new part is an Android driver running on the G1.

  • chefgon

    I actually think this is a pretty cool idea, but the price is just too high to justify. As nice as it sounds to just enhance your phone instead of managing a separate PC for travelling, the bottom line is that you can do a hell of a lot more with a real computer and this is in the same price range as the Aspire One netbook.

    For $150, I would seriously consider it.

  • James

    I’ll buy it for $150. I’d buy it for $250. When will I be able to give you money?

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