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There’s an article up on CNN today called “Google vs. Apple: The battle to rule mobile applications” and it features insight from various bloggers and techies as they weigh in on the two mobile platforms.  Cherise Fong’s piece gets both sides of the argument fairly and puts together a good analogy.  She fairly calls Apple the “designer” and Google the “developer”.

Our editor, Scott Webster was quoted in the article as he referred to Loopt and its ability to run in the background of the G1 whereas the Apple incarnation cannot.

“Location-based apps that run in the background will help separate Android from other operating systems,” he says. “It’s simple to find out where your friends are at any given moment and see what they are up to. You can let the app run in the background of your G1 (or other Android device) and constantly give people updates as to your whereabouts.”

In Loopt for iPhone, “users must be logged in and ping locations from people, [whereas] Android owners will be able to enjoy always-on, always-available status.”

In terms of Android backers, there were a few other people quoted including our friend Rob over at Phandroid as well as Alex Ahlund of AppVee.

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  • Well done Guys! Keep up the good work!

  • Earthcomber owns Loopt rents

    Gotta love the idiots who write these blogs. Loopt is hardly an oriignal. It’s renting in a neighborhood whose IP is owned by a Earthcomber, a Chicago based company.

    Catch up with the rest of the world, boys.

  • Diamond Davey

    Gotta love the trolls who look for stuff like this and go around putting people in their place.

    What’s wrong with Scott’s liking Loopt so much? He didn’t say anything about it being a brand new technology. That I can see of anyways. I happen to agree. Loopt + Android = Great

  • Daimond Davey

    Gotta love enablers who look for stuff like this and go around putting trolls in their place.

    Get your mouth off his balls, Davey boy. It’s relevant because he portrays Loopt’s product as original. It’s relevant enough for the reporter to dislcose, so the reader can decide for himself.

    Friggin’ Idiot.

  • Daimond Davey Douchebag

    Sorry. My name is Diamond Davey Douchebag, the better-read version of idiot suckface Diamond Davey.

    Ten bucks says Diamond Davey has a shirtless photo of himself on Loopt, looking to dude hookup at a Minneapolis airport bathroom.

    Nothing wrong being gay.

    But gay and stupid is no way to go through life, son.