Koolu’s Freerunner Running Cupcake

The boys at Engadget Mobile were able to get their hands on the Freerunner that’s being offered by Koolu.  There’s a picture gallery with eight photos to browse through.  The interesting thing to us is that they said the Freerunner they played with had the Cupcake version of Android on it. Kinda makes sense when you think about it since there is no physical keyboard.

Here’s a pair of pics we liked, but you can see the rest at Engadget Mobile.  They’re not high resolution or super clear, but they’ll do.

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  1. Ron Amadeo
    January 12, 10:27 Reply

    That’s definitely not the stock cupcake keyboard… Not a good replacement either, the stock one has way more symbols on the ‘123’ pad. Those 2 giant buttons are a waste.

  2. Seven
    January 12, 22:27 Reply

    I hate on screen keyboards… The screen is already small enough as it is! Why do developers want to write apps that take a large chunk of screen real estate when sliding keyboards already work so well?
    I would rather have all my screen while I am typing, thank you…

  3. ov1encore
    January 16, 21:42 Reply

    these look like the keys from the qsearch. the keyboard from the qeequest sms is a much nicer format of what we could expect.

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