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You might have noticed some slight changes to the look and layout of AndroidGuys.  In fact, you might notice that we’ve changed the site a little bit every week for almost the entire time we’ve been around.  Sometimes it’s very subtle stuff, others are more apparent.

These last few days, we’ve taken to a new approach for our news.  In an effort to stay timely and relevant, we’ve started a Twitter account.  After a few weeks or so of having the tweets on the sidebar, we’re seeing the interest grow rapidly.  You’ll note that in the end of each article, we’re now referring to our Twitter, RSS, and podcast feeds.  Depending on who you are, you’ll enjoy one or all of these.

We’re going to continue to bring more Twitter updates to the site.  There’s a lot of stuff that we consider posting throughout the week that is of lesser importance and relevance.  It’s often hard to try to make an article of stuff that really doesn’t deserve much more than a sentence or two.  This is where we hope the tweets fill in.  We’re also experimenting with a daily post on AndroidGuys that recaps the tweets for the preceding day.

We’re always open to suggestions and welcome feedback.  If you can think of something to make AndroidGuys a better experience, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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  • Mike

    I like RSS and not interested in Twitter.
    I hope the rss feed doesn’t fall to the wayside with the twitter feed replacing it.
    I like the daily (or even weekly) recap articles.