ABORT! Agora Pro Gets Pulled at Last Minute

Gosh darnit Kogan!  We were this close to seeing your handset hit the market in the next weeks and then you had to go and do this!  The Agora Pro has been indefinitely delayed.

The Agora (Pro) has got a last minute yank from the assembly lines so that it can be redesigned to ensure that it works well with future Android applications.  Yeah, you heard it right.  We were like two weeks away from this hitting the streets and all of a sudden, people start thinking about the future.  Most likely, Kogan met with Google and learned a thing or two about a thing or two.

“The Agora reached a very late stage of development, manufacturing had commenced and we were within days of shipping the product to customers. But it now seems certain the current Agora specifications will limit its compatibility or interoperability in the near future,” – Ruslan Kogan

What kind of stuff isn’t future proof in the Agora?  One fear is that developers release apps down the road that are meant to run at a resolution higher than the handset offers. The company is offering full refunds to anyone who pre-ordered a phone.

So now the question comes back – What will be the second Android phone to arrive?  Hopefully, Kogan is able to get a revised version to market quickly.  We were really starting to like this thing.

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  • Wow.. I was really looking forward to a lower end dpad phone.

    Well when will lower end Android phones come out for the cheaper consumer?

    I was looking forward to lower Android phones for my little games. Hmm.

  • chefgon

    QVGA support is a key feature of Android. This makes no sense. If an app is designed for HVGA only, then it’s written wrong.

  • I am so pissed right now. Living in Brazil my only choice for Android is a extremely overpriced smugled G1 or, until today, Kogan’a Agora (that I had pre-ordered!).

    Was it a publicity stunt for Kogan to get known worldwide? Was it little more than vaporware?

    Now, what do I do. I was using a crappy phone waiting for the Agora to arrive, now I will end using some WinMo sh*** or something.


  • This rediculous google probably knew all along haha…they know damn well they weren’t going to let some unknown company come out and ‘ruin their OS for them with a cheap imitation phone but I give it up to kogan…but in all honestly the phone isn’t all late

    I’m sure their going to add the track ball because their obviously isn’t one and the arrows don’t seem like their going to work along with the display

  • Dianne Hackborn

    “QVGA support is a key feature of Android.”

    QVGA is not currently supported by the platform. In the very first SDK release it was, but after that the focus has been entirely on HVGA since that is the screen the G1 uses. QVGA support is in the roadmap for later this year.

  • Peras Hatashi

    I find it hard to believe as well that they as far as they say and then “realized” suddenly that the qvga screen wasn’t properly supported in Android. It says something about the quality of the end product if their research was that skimpy. Likely they slapped together a few modifications to an existing winmo phone they had plans for, hired an out-of-work linux geek to port over Android, and figured that’s all they had to do. After something as unprofessional as this, there’s no way I’d ever buy any of their products!