HTC and Tegra to Get Cozy in 2009?

A few members of the Open Handset Alliance might be getting a bit closer this year.  According to, HTC might be moving forward with the Tegra chipset from NVIDIA this year to help in their high- end handsets.

After working with another OHA player, Qualcomm, for some time now, HTC is reportedly getting closer to both Sony Ericsson chipsets as well as the NVIDIA Tegra.  Of the stuff we’ve seen so far, the Tegra impresses us the most.  HTC is becoming a big enough name in the smartphone market to have multiple vendors for their handsets, so we’d not be surprised to see all three in their product line this year.

Here’s an old video of Tegra in action.


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  • TareX

    Tegra is so damn futuristic. I dreamt of Tegra powered an Android phone…but I know it’s built for Windows Mobile… and am not expecting it to laucnh before WM7….

    Do it’s Tegra vs Pre for me… com’on WMC 09.

  • Tegra looks sweeeeet. I wish it was built with Android in mind… WiMo not as impressive

  • Jacob

    Tegra is not a chipset. It’s a chip. In fact it’s a system on a chip.