Cellhut Carries G1, Pledges Full Android Support

Cellhut, a popular place for picking up unlocked handsets since 1996, has committed to carrying to carrying Android handsets. After carrying Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Apple and more, they’ve decided to offer mobile devices running the fledgling OS.

They are currently offering the T-Mobile G1 for $499.  Considering that’s $100 more than what you’d pay T-Mobile for one, we see nothing special about it.  Also, keep in mind that the Developer Phone is also available for $425 from Google.

EDITOR NOTE: I made the proper adjustments to the article and emailed the author who attributed the errors to late nights.  Sorry for the confusion.

  • Phil

    Their website says T-Mobile only.. doesn’t that suggest it is still locked?

  • Howie_In_AZ

    Wow. The G1 Dev Phone straight from Google is $425, completely unlocked.

  • ashley

    T-Mobile sells theirs for $399 no contract not $499. The dev edition is by far the best deal all around.

  • Besides this article being factually incorrect the last sentence has poor grammar.

  • Sean Caldwell

    Hurry up Sprint and get me an android phone; or someone get cellhut a CDMA version. Soon. Anxious. My treo is dying.

  • Cell Hut is the worst place to buy phones.. I bought about 2 phones from there both end up breaking down after 3 month. The Reps there has very little clue about phones.

    After buying phone from different places like Newegg.com, Buy.com, and Tigerdirect.com I found http://www.Myworldphone.com.

    After comparing prices Myworldphone.com had the best price. The Rep are fairly knowledgeable about cell phones. There is one specific rep name John who help with me my phones. Very smart with cell phone.

    1st phone I bought was the HTC Diamond, then the iPhone which John gave me full tutorial how to use the phone. Later few weeks about just bought the Google G1 for only $449.00.

    Screw Cellhut with their defective phone. People research your self before buying from them!

  • I agree with myworldphone, my entire family was buying from them since 1995 and then once without letting anyone know i tried buying from cellhut.com (even paid $67 more then myworldphone.com and guess what, they sent me phone without batter and charger and back cover, so at end i got refund and then bought my g1 from myworldphone.. keep up the good work mwp.

  • I have a slight problem . I would like to get a decent unlocked phone and I’m having trouble to decide on which phone to choose. To begin with, i thought of the Nokia 5610Nokia 6500, which my buddy has. It appears quite tough, and it all seemed alright, but i started looking at other phones. Now my largest dilemma is to choose between the Nokia 5070 and the Samsung i900 Omnia. All suggestions are welcome

  • N1se

    i just got one at n1wireless.com and its been great.

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