Android Market to Offer Geo-Targeting in Coming Weeks


Registered Android Market developers are seeing an email being sent out regarding location targeting for apps in the next few weeks.  If you want to specify which countries have access to your applications, you’ll be able to do so through the publisher website.


I’m writing to let you know that Android Market will become available to
users in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Poland in the
coming weeks. You can now target these countries for your application(s)
via the publisher website at As we add support
for additional countries, we will send out subsequent notifications to
you.  Note that your apps will not become available in these new countries
unless you specifically select them in the publisher website.

Thanks for your support, and we look forward to continue working with you
on Android Market.

Eric Chu,
Android Market

Thanks to all who sent this in!


  1. Any word on when developers might get the ability to make a buck from their hours of toil ? Geo-targeting is a great concept, but until there’s a way to tether a price to it, it makes no difference to me. Great site, keep up the awesome work !

  2. I second the money aspect. I need to recoup the cost of my dev phone and all the time I spent… I’d like to make a profit but right now I’ll settle for breaking even.