T-Mobile Netherlands Ramps up for Android, G1

The G1 world tour continues.  Folks in the Netherlands will be able to pre-order the T-Mobile G1starting tomorrow at over 80 T-Mobile shops scattered about the country.  With a deposit of 50 euros (roughly $65 US dollars) consumers can get in the first-come, first-serve line.  The G1 is expected to launch on January 30th.

The G1 is a device which is praised by experts, especially for the ease of use, speed of the Internet and of course the Android operating system that anyone can develop applications themselves. We offer the G1 with mobile broadband Internet, allowing customers to benefit fully from the device to use and always available. The G1 is just made for mobile surfing the web.  – Bart Weijermars, Marketing Director T-Mobile Netherlands

If you’re in the Netherlands and want to read more, head over to www.t-mobile.nl/shop and enjoy yourself!

  • Yosh

    Finally! I ordered one yesterday online.

  • I’m ready!
    I’m waiting on this since the release of the SDK in nov 2007.
    Still have to wait to get it through the company dough :-s

  • T-Mobile NL has started contacting customers who ordered the G1 last night to tell them the G1 will be sent today and delivered tomorrow (jan 21).