Huawei: Stop and See Our Android Phone at MWC09!

The first company to officially say they’ll be showing an Android mobile handset at Mobile World Congress 2009 is Huawei.  As one of the most recent hardware manufacturers to join the Open Handset Alliance, we were left to guess what they would bring to the consortia.  We soon found out that a handset was on its way, slated for a second half 2009 release.

Even though we still have at least 6 months to wait, we will at least catch early looks at what’s coming down the road.  Officially.  No leaks, no blurry pics.

Next month promises to bring some of the coolest mobile technology from the biggest names in the industry.  We’re anxiously anticipating anything and everything Android related and hopefully, MWC doesn’t disappoint.  Except for a couple of cool non handsets, CES was a total bummer.  Perhaps we’ll get a glimpse of the Samsung device or one of the new HTC handsets that have been outed.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see the social networking device from Motorola!

If you’ll be attending the show in Barcelona next month, snag us a couple of pictures!  The event kicks off on February 16th.

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