In Other News 2009-01-21

  • I sure hope RC31 helps the battery life of the G1. Maybe something that turns features off or sets to idle if not used. Anything helps. #
  • Take your G1 to Circuit City and find out if those liquidation prices are competitive. ShopSavvy and CompareEverywhere will shoot you s … #
  • Latest WIRED arrived over weekend. Lots of G1 apps mentioned in GPS article. Locale, ShopSavvy, Joyity and more! #
  • Sony Ericsson Android phones to have “a higher level of coolness” a la the Walkman and Cyber-shot phones. #
  • Will the G1 be available at ALL T-Mobile retail locations this week? A birdy says it might be… #
  • iPhone outsells G1 6:1. Big deal. Here’s another figure. iPhone available in more countries at like 35:1 ratio. #

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  1. John
    January 22, 09:22 Reply

    re: iPhone

    The iPhone was also available for 12 months of this last year, where the G1 was only available to the public for about 3 or 4 months. That’s 3-4 times longer. While you probably can’t take that as a linear relationship, it could imply that the established iPhone only outsold the fledgling G1 by a 2:1 ratio during the months that they were both available. That doesn’t sound bad, IMO.

  2. Mike
    January 22, 19:42 Reply

    Hey google / htc or whatever manufacturer , go release those monsters so that apple will calm down and think of the big Andy!

  3. zul
    July 20, 08:58 Reply

    it’s good news…

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