Cupcake Not Being Released for Public Consumption?

We’ve got some disheartening news for those of you hoping to wake up to an Android Cupcake update later this month.  Apparently, the release is not going to happen in a mass public rollout, if at all.  That is of course if the following pans out to be true.

The kind folks over at AndroidTapp sent this over today.

According to the Android team, “Cupcake,” which is the code name for an Android software build, is still a work in progress that is considered to be a development branch and not for general availability.

We will update you as T-Mobile G1 software updates are made available to T-Mobile customers. –

Stay with us here.  The text you see above is from T-Mobile Product Development and PR Dept.  It was Google approved and sent to another T-Mobile Forums Admin named Will.  Will then shared that info with AndroidTapp.

Is this the final word?  Probably not.  What we’re hoping is that this is just company speak for people to pass along.  As in, “here’s what you need to say if people ask” kinda stuff.   For all we know, it could be a series of updates rolled out instead of one big one.  It is a development branch after all and not strictly a release.

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  • Ben

    Cupcake can’t be rolled out as a series of updates. It’s a completely different version of Android (1.5) and has significant changes. I think what Google/T-Mobile meant in that statement is that it’s not available for general consumption yet.

    It is possible to put Cupcake on a G1/ADP1 and Google is making sure that Cupcake builds continue to work on the Dream. Dianne Hackborn, who works at Google on Android, recently posted that Cupcake can currently be classified as pre-alpha. It’s not anywhere near feature-complete or done, and it’s definitely not coming out this month. I would guess that latest we’ll see it is around May, when all the Summer ’09 Android phones (HTC, Sony Ericsson, etc.) will start rolling out — I don’t know this for a fact though (but it would seem crazy to ship all those phones when a major new version of the software is right around the corner).

  • cupcake is not Android 1.5, but a development branch taken on my google to add adiotional functionality to cupcake. This funcxtionality included an on screen keyboard, better bluetooth support and more. T-mobile most likely will not release “cupcake” as a full package, but will pull out and use the new features that they deem are important for their customers. Since the G1 has a full qwerty keyboard, I would not be surprised if they choose to leave that out of their future updates.

    Since all the details and functionality of cupcake have not yet surfaced, I am not surprised at all the T-Mobile is taking its time to get things sorted out.

  • Ben


    From what I’ve seen and read, Cupcake has been merged into the master branch of Android. They’re not keeping it separate. It was kept separate in development prior to Android being open sourced, but it has since been merged. Cupcake builds have their own SDK, etc., and android-platform group postings have referred to it as 1.5. Because all of the core system apps are updated and use APIs currently being formulated, I’m not sure if T-Mobile could easily backport, say, the video recorder, or the touch keyboard (because then they’d need to backport the entire Input Method Framework and Input Method Engine) due to their dependence on these new core APIs.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this is my understanding based on following the Android groups and the Android git repos.

  • Ben

    To add on to an potentially unclear point I made, Dianne also said that it’s likely that Google will ship localizations and some more rudimentary updates and bug fixes prior to Cupcake being complete — obviously Android 1.0 is being kept in a separate branch from the ‘master’ branch so it’s definitely possible for them or for T-Mobile to build on 1.0 and ship those more simplistic changes.

  • Cupcake is the beta branch of android. You wouldn’t want it on a phone. The changes in cupcake get merged with the master branch once in a while, and that’s code that would be pushed out to phones. The new features of cupcake will show up on the G1, the beta branch will not.

  • Scott

    Greetings All:

    Excited as I am about the possibility of adding all or part of the cupcake features to the G1, I do have one concern. Space. With the apps I have, minimal though they are, I have about 20 MB left on the internal storage.

    Hopefully whatever enhancements come down the pipe, one of them will be the ability to store apps from the market place on external memory.

  • Grr!! Cupcake update is not going to be released for public yet.

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