Latest Cupcake Screenshots and Features

Current G1 owners are salivating over some of the expected changes in the Cupcake branch of Android.  From little stuff like animations and bug fixes to bigger things like the on-screen keyboard, people are eager to get their hands on the new Android hotness.

Our friends over at IntoMobile have done some sniffing around and put together a new bullet-point list of features to expect out of Cupcake. Whether any or all of these actually end up on the G1 might still be up for debate.  Assuming the worst, and none of the features make it, at least the G2 and future handsets will see them.  Last we heard, that’s coming up in May.

  1. New Local Setting Page
  2. New Option to view running and third party application
  3. New windows opening/closing animation effect
  4. New default notepad
  5. New Global Time application
  6. New Spare Parts Application
  7. New Virtual Keyboard
  8. Slightly better looking buttons with more shadow.

Below is a pair of images we pulled from the IntoMobile article.  Head over to the original post to see the other five pics. Thanks Simon!

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  • must have

  • ugh. I posted all this stuff and more at like 10 days ago AND tipped you about it and never got a plug, what gives?

  • Dianne Hackborn

    Fyi, Spare Parts has been part of the platform code since before 1.0, as a dumping ground for experimental features and other stuff that isn’t ready or intended for the main UI. It is not an app that is intended to ship on a production phone.

  • Is it me or does Arron’s post about the cupcake install seem made up??? 😕

    It starts off… “After building/compiling the latest master branch of android (cupcake), I installed it onto my phone. Here are the obvious changes I see”

    …then his answer to Michael… “Supposedly it should have all the cupcake changes mentioned on the Google site. I didn’t receive a MMS when I installed the cupcake build so I didn’t check out the option, but it should have the ability to.”

    My question, if you have the imfamous Cupcake update, how can’t you confirm simple things like Video Recorder app, Stereo bluetooth or Save MMS… but conclude it should work??? 😕

    All the images shown can be Photoshopped, even worse… the ones shown are useless.

    – A Global Time app with globe and no time??
    – One list item as notepad but you can download AK Notepad and get more features than what’s shown
    – Check boxes for animations and setting
    – Task Manager with 1 extra menu tab
    – The QWERTY Keyboard we’ve seen around the Web a while now

    None of which are substantial nor impressive. My personal opionion are that they’re fakes, prove me wrong and I’ll withdraw my conclusion.

  • Regardless of the validity of the latest rumor-du-jour, Android is going to be dealt a serious blow if Cupcake doesn’t make it to the G1 hardware. Who is going to buy the latest version of a “ground breaking” phone, when the first version was cast off with no support ? I realize Android is not synonymous with the G1, but, in the public’s eyes, it pretty much is. The subtler distinctions of “developer branch” and “release” don’t mean anything to all the people who don’t hang on every salacious bit of mobile software news. Yet, those are the people the ubiquitous Android will rely upon to reshape the industry.

    I cannot conceive of a project team that thinks they can sell Version 2.0 when they screwed over the concrete implementation of Version 1.0.

  • Ugh… As an Android app developer, this is a bit of a PIA. The localiity setting feature is something important to me as I’m supposed to support my application for 7+ different local now and I have no way for the users to tell me what local they are running. These simple things can really make a big difference for how I support my apps and if they don’t come to the G1, then a couple thousand users are going to be left out to dry…

  • Some interesting Cupcake features not mentioned by Arron (interesting take by AndTapp if these are valid) that were found by someone uploading it to an emulator –

    ,Michael Martin
    Google And Blog

  • Latest Cupcake Screenshots and Features

  • Dianne Hackborn

    I think some people are not catching that Android is a little different than they are used to. 🙂

    It doesn’t make sense to question whether people reporting about Cupcake are making things up or creating Photoshops, because these are not rumors. They are just talking about stuff that is out there publicly, as part of the development work going on right now for Cupcake. If you don’t believe them, you can go here and download, build, and run your own snapshop of the current code:

    Likewise, Cupcake -is- still under serious development (it is not yet feature complete, so hasn’t even started the alpha/beta/RC cycle yet), so exactly what is or is not in Cupcake is not yet fully defined. Some new things may appear as it reaches feature complete (or even after as the development process so often goes), some features may be pulled during the alpha/beta cycle as it becomes apparent that they are not yet ready to ship. Because Android is open source, all of this development process is visible.

    Finally, as far as a Cupcake update being delivered to G1 devices, nobody has said anything about this either way. From the perspective of the open source project, Cupcake is the next major release of Android, and it all goes together as one thing that certainly can be delivered as an update as long as a build is done for that phone and the OTA update generated and delivered. Also from the perspective of the open source project, we would certainly like updates for newer versions to be delivered to existing phones so that application developers have more phones to target with the newer features. But ultimately this is something for the carrier and others involved to decide.

  • babijs23

    ugh the g2 is ugly! im happy with my g1

  • Mike

    download t-mobile g1 cupcake 1.5 UK rom, works perfectly over t-mobile US, no need for any tweaks and all, enjoy

  • Awm

    It’s G1, it’s GOOGLE, how come no ‘Global Time application’??