Officially Arrives in the Android Market

Social networking musical app, has finally landed on Android.  Called, it brings all of the features of the online client to your pocket.

If you are not familiar with, it’s a streaming music application that recommends tracks and artists to you based on your music tastes.  Users have the ability to share their playlists with others as well as create their own radio stations.  One of the coolest features, called scrobbling, allows for a desktop player that helps you understand what it is that you listen to most.  It also helps to make up your profile page for others to see what your preferences are.

Our new Android app is a fully featured radio application that leverages the open nature of the Android OS. You’ll be able to stream your favorite stations, view your friends’ profiles and watch out for up coming events. – blog

We’ve seen a handful of third party apps come through the Android Market with features, but it’s great to finally get the official app.  Thanks to the hard work of developers like Lukasz Wisniewski and Casey Link, we’re able to get another fantastic social app.

If we could offer one feature we’d like to see, it would be location based alerts to people who have similar musical tastes.

UPDATE: We initially ran this article with the headline Arrives in the Market as because of the following image.  The source of the image was We regret any confusion this may have caused.

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  • Still can’t see it in the app store (from Germany) 🙁

  • If there’s one feature I’d like to see, it’s full charts, so I can obsess while mobile.

  • Wells

    Great. I will install this and my G1 will last 45 seconds unplugged. Useful.

  • As a reader from our website commented..the service does not work in every country of the world

  • Lukasz Wisniewski

    As for the UPDATE:

    The official client is called “ – Personal Radio”, is a name of my former client, more info here

  • I have spent some time playing with Last.FM and have posted a review on my site if any of you are interested.