AG Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-01-25

  • Latest WIRED arrived over weekend. Lots of G1 apps mentioned in GPS article. Locale, ShopSavvy, Joyity and more! #
  • Sony Ericsson Android phones to have “a higher level of coolness” a la the Walkman and Cyber-shot phones. #
  • Will the G1 be available at ALL T-Mobile retail locations this week? A birdy says it might be… #
  • iPhone outsells G1 6:1. Big deal. Here’s another figure. iPhone available in more countries at like 35:1 ratio. #
  • Intel’s hurting too. 5,000 layoffs coming from the chip makers. #
  • How does a developer stand out in a sea of 15,000 apps? #
  • The G2 from the leaked photos gets a hands on from a guy who knows a guy. Can’t wait for May to arrive! #
  • Wonder why Nokia discontinued the tablet? Is it more Nokia or WiMax? Could it be the $400+ price tag? #
  • Told ya so! All corporate T-Mobile stores to get G1’s this weekend. #
  • @phonescooper I spend so much time working on WiFi that I practically beat my head against the wall with EDGE. G1 runs at half capability! in reply to phonescooper #
  • Officially Arrives in the Market as Social networking musical app, has finally lande.. #
  • In Other News 2009-01-23: The G2 from the leaked photos gets a hands on from a guy wh.. #
  • In Other News 2009-01-24 #

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